Nowadays, briquetting technology of forming powder materials into defined shape and size briquettes is widely used in many aspects, coal, charcoal, mineral ore dust, fly ash, aluminium dross, iron dust, etc. 

Here I want to introduce our large model briquetting press for coal/coke materials. This machine is equipped with special-designed reducer, which can supply large strength to the machine, and the motor is 6 pole. 

In Refractory materials filed, Metallurgy field and Steel plant, there are one kind of fly ash which can be recycled again for further use. However, how to convert the fly ash into solid briquettes with high hardness? It ia a headache for investers. Now E.P Machinery can give you the solution. 

Best price 500kg/h charcoal bars briquette machine for BBQ

This charcoal bars briquette machine belongs to extruding pressure type. It also named as charcoal briquette extruder, which is mainly used for compressing charcoal, coal etc. powder into solid briquettes. The finished briquettes can be used for BBQ or other purpose. Our machine is matched with automatic cutter, which can ensure customer to get uniform charcoal briquettes. 

500kg/h charcoal briquette extruder with automatic cutter for Turkey customer

Charcoal briquette extruder, also named as charcoal bar briquette making machine. It can make high density charcoal bars. The cross-section shape of briquettes can be hexagonal shape, square shape, round shape etc. Meanwhile, we designed automatic cutter on charcoal bar making machine to ensure same length of final briquettes. The finished briquettes has high density and good apperance. It is popular for BBQ.

Double axle drive gypsum briquette machine is our latest production machine. It has double drive shafts, which is different with ordinary briquette machine - a drive shaft and a driven shaft. Its pressure is much higher than ordinary briquette machine, mainly used to compress difficult raw materials, such as gypsum etc. 

Coal briquette line in Kenya

As we all know, the briquette plant can process the coal powders into high

density briquette with high value, which can be burnt for further-processing industrial

use in electricity plant, metallurgical plant, etc.

Our Kenya customer in Africa purchased our 15 ton coal briquette production

Charcoal extruder HSLX-140 testing video

In Southeast Asia, there are a lot of customers who need to make shisha charcoal. According to their needs, we developed the new molds to make the cube shisha charcoal 25*25mm. Simultaneously 5 pieces charcoal  can be produced out.

Due to the environment-protection issue, more and more countries issued some policy to

protect their environment. Our Tchad customers from Africa visited us for charcoal