Aluminium swarf is a kind of common metal wastes in machining factory. Some costomers use briquette press machine, to convert aluminium swarf into briquettes, then be used for smelting or other application. There are some main characteristics the briquette press machine must possess.
1. High pressure. Aluminium swarf is hard, compared with coal/charcoal. It is not easy to press the aluminium swarf into briquettes. Therefore, the briquette machine must possess high pressure. In other words, hydraulic pressure type machine is more suitable.
2. High-quality rollers. The roller is one of the most important parts of briquette press machine, especially for aluminium swarf, the roller will be more easy to wear. Therefore, the roller must be made from high-quality raw materials, such as Manganese alloy, Chromium-Molybdenum alloy, etc.
3. Besides the roller is made from high-quality raw materials, it also must be heat treated. After heat treatment, the characteristics of roller will be evidently improved, including its hardness, toughness and abrasive resistance.

The production of qualified coal briquettes is not only related to a qualified coal briquette machine, but also related to skills. According to our 20 years of experience in this field, we summarized some key points of coal briquettes production.
1. The size of fine coal, within 3mm. The smaller the fine coal is, the larger the internal surface area of coal briquette will be. In other words, the coal briquette will burn eaily, more thermal energy will be released.
2. Moisture of coal briquette, about 10%. When producing, control the moisture of fine coal properly. It will be the best to control the moisture 10% of final coal briquettes.
3. The binder must be mixed evenly. According to the characteristics of coal and the applications of coal briquettes, corresponding binders should be added. Only when the binder and fine coal are mixed evenly, can the effect of binder be totally released.

With the development of society and economy, smog and air pollution have become hot topic these years, and everyone can feel the environment deterioration.The extensive use of coal in the world is one of the important causes of air pollution, and a growing number of countries have fully realized this. Therefore, many people and governments have started to promote and use clean coal energy. Coal briquetting technology is one of the main methods to solve the cleaning of civil coal.

We know the roller briquette machine is also called coal pressure ball machine, it is used to make briquettes in industry. Some customers have many common problems in briquetting production, many of which are due to improper operation caused by the impact of production efficiency issues, in this Kay is recommended users to buy pressure ball machine equipment at the same time, to its technology Principle, the use of technology and methods of operation have a certain understanding, so that the same investment to make the equipment longer life expectancy, higher efficiency, higher profits return.

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Coal briquette machine is used to compact and shape the coal particles/dust/breeze into required 30-50mm ball briquettes, which are easily loaded and stored. The core part of coal briquette machine is the forming rollers, here we give you solutions of how to demould the coal dust from the rollers.

Nowadays, briquetting technology of forming powder materials into defined shape and size briquettes is widely used in many aspects, coal, charcoal, mineral ore dust, fly ash, aluminium dross, iron dust, etc. 

Here I want to introduce our large model briquetting press for coal/coke materials. This machine is equipped with special-designed reducer, which can supply large strength to the machine, and the motor is 6 pole. 

In Refractory materials filed, Metallurgy field and Steel plant, there are one kind of fly ash which can be recycled again for further use. However, how to convert the fly ash into solid briquettes with high hardness? It ia a headache for investers. Now E.P Machinery can give you the solution. 

Best price 500kg/h charcoal bars briquette machine for BBQ

This charcoal bars briquette machine belongs to extruding pressure type. It also named as charcoal briquette extruder, which is mainly used for compressing charcoal, coal etc. powder into solid briquettes. The finished briquettes can be used for BBQ or other purpose. Our machine is matched with automatic cutter, which can ensure customer to get uniform charcoal briquettes.