Application of quicklime
As we all know that the qulicklime is mainly useed in construction, agriculture and industry. In construction, the lime is used inbuilding materials; in agriculture, it could be neutralized acidic soil; and inindustry, it is widely taken as deoxidizer in metallurgical field, especiallyin ironing factory, steel making plant, etc.

Current situation of quick lime in Metallurgical industry

In the lime factory, the large size lime will be transported for building materials, or use in agriculture, or taken as deoxidizer in blast furnace. As well, when the ironing factory transport and store the quick lime, it will have many powders. These powders are less than 5mm; mostly these powders will be sold in a lower price, or abandoned directly, which leads to a great wastes of resources. In recent years, with the increasing shortage of resources, the recycle use of quick lime powders have grasped people’s attention.

In order to recycle these powders effectively, we have successfully designed and produced high pressure briquette machine. And the finished briquettes could be directly used in metallurgy field. Now this technology has been introduced in some steel companies in foreign countries, like Iran and Turkey,also used in China ironing group, such as Angang, Baogang, etc.

 Here we will mainly explain why adding quick lime into smelting. We all know that in the ironing industry, the raw materials are iron ores. When theseiron ores are smelting, there are many impurities in the molten iron, likesilicon dioxide. And the quick lime powder is a good material to remove thesilicon dioxide, and get pure molten iron. (The quick lime powder and silicondioxide will cause chemical reaction as deoxidizer, and the reactants won’tdissolved and float in molten iron.)

Brief introduction on the quick lime powder briquette machine

I will give you a brief introduction of lime briquette machine. The limepowder briquette machine is a special equipment to convert the lime powder intothe briquettes with the ball, oval or bread shape etc. This type briquettemachine is not only used to press quick lime powder into briquettes, but alsocould compress other materials with light and small density which are hard topress, like aluminum dust, rice hull ash, etc.

The lime powder briquette machine consists of feeding part (screw feeder),transmission part (belt, coupling, driving shaft, driven shaft, exposed gear),molding part (rollers), and pressure part (hydraulic power pack).

The greatest features of lime powder briquette machine are big moldingpressure, and screw feeder devices.

Working principle of quick lime powder briquette machine

Now I will introduce you the working principle of the lime briquettemachine. The power supplied by main motor is passed to the driving shaftthrough belt pulley, cylindrical gear reducer and coupling. The driven shaft rotatesand keep the same speed with the driving shaft through the exposed gear, butthe rotating directions are opposite for driving roller and driven roller.

And the bearing block of driven roller is equipped with a hydraulicdevice, which could provide stable pressing pressure for machine working. Thescrew feeder device is driven by an electromagnetic and variable-speed motor, throughbelt pulley and worm gearbox. And the screw feeder device is to force feedingmaterials into feeding port.

Details on important parts

In this part, I will mainly talk about the features of our lime briquettemachine.

1) Screw feeder

Here I would love to ask a question, do you know why we add a screwfeeder on the lime briquette machine? Because the lime powder is very light,and density of lime powder is very small, and the screw feeder is to force the limepowder into feeding port. If we don't put this screw feeder on the limebriquette machine, the lime ash will fly here, there, and everywhere in theworking site. Meanwhile, if we don't put the screw feeder on the lime briquettemachine, the output capacity will be reduced.

The screw feeder is driven by electromagnetic and variable-speed motor, whichis with a character of constant torque. I will recommend why we use thisspecial motor on the screw feeder, if the quantity of feeding material is equalto what the machine required, the motor will offer constant feeding pressure toensure making good quality briquettes. But if the quantity of feeding materialis larger than what the machine required , the electricity of feeding devicewill be overload; otherwise, if the quantity of feeding materials is less than whatthe machine required , the briquettes could not be formed. 

2) Hydraulic device 

For hydraulic device, it has two functions: supply higher workingpressure and protect the rollers. If there is something hard fed into therollers chamber, like metal chips, the pressure of piston rod in hydraulic cylinderwill be overloaded, hydraulic pump will stop work, the energy accumulator hasbuffer effects on pressure changing, meanwhile the overflow valve will beopened and get the oil back, and the piston rod will be backward to increasethe rollers chamber, to make sure the hard materials could go through therollers chamber and fall down on the discharging belt. The hydraulic devicewill resume working. In this way, the hydraulic device could protect rollersfrom damaging.

3 ) Final briquettes 

Usually, the shape of final briquettes can be ball shape, square shape,pillow shape etc. With the diameter of 20-50mm.

Whether the briquettes could be burnt completely, or permeability ofbriquettes in smelting, which is totally up to briquettes shape. If thebriquettes are irregular shape, the permeability will be better, and burningwell. Because the irregular shape briquettes are piled together to make aframe, and the briquettes will have much space contacting with air. In theory,the more contacts and rake angle the briquettes have, the better the briquettesare for burning or smelting.

 4) Roller

a. 65Mn

b. 9Cr2Mo

c. stainless steel

Our rollers processing adopts for the technology precision casting andheat treatment, which will expand the rollers service life.

Maintenance and operation cautions on lime powder briquette machine

1. Themaintenance of lime powder briquette machine

In the last part, we will discuss some operating cautions with you. pleasecheck the followings:

No matter how careful operate the machines in daily working, besides therollers, there must have worn on wearing parts and bearings. Generally, formany parts are surrounded by dust, it is necessary to do some regular checkingson the components in downtime or disassemble some components for checking. Pleasecheck the wearing parts every 3-6 months if possible.

2. Operatingcautions on the lime powder briquette machine


1) Check each part of the machine’s installation bolt, foundation boltsare tight or not ;

2)Checking the gearbox, screw feeder, and lubricating oil quantity ofevery lubricating device . 

3) Checking the Tightness of vee belt

4 )Setting the oil pressure

5)Using the hand to drive the vee belt and check whether there are anymetal chips in the rollers chamber.

Load operation: If the no-load operation is normal , you can do the operation test withloading. Firstly, check whether there is foreign body between the rollers, Itis forbidden to start the machine with materials.

1) Oil pressure

2) Current value

3) to check whether there is any noise during rotation

4)to ensure feedingmaterials not mixed with metal and other hard materials