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Coal briquette machine is used to compact and shape the coal particles/dust/breeze into required 30-50mm ball briquettes, which are easily loaded and stored. The core part of coal briquette machine is the forming rollers, here we give you solutions of how to demould the coal dust from the rollers.
1. The coal breeze humidity is too large, which blocks the rollers. Adjust the coal moisture between 8% -15%, the materials can dry naturally or use drying machine to reduce the moisture.
2. The feeding speed is not uniform. Adopt the feeder or conveyor to keep the average speed for feeding materials into briquette press.
3. The mould is too small. The best mould size should be larger than 30mm.
4. The main shaft speed of briquette press is too slow. Adjust the speed between 10-20 rpm.
5. The quality of rollers is vital for forming. Adopt the high quality alloy to guarantee the production.

Ball press and dryer