We know the roller briquette machine is also called coal pressure ball machine, it is used to make briquettes in industry. Some customers have many common problems in briquetting production, many of which are due to improper operation caused by the impact of production efficiency issues, in this Kay is recommended users to buy pressure ball machine equipment at the same time, to its technology Principle, the use of technology and methods of operation have a certain understanding, so that the same investment to make the equipment longer life expectancy, higher efficiency, higher profits return.

roller briquette machine EP

The following is a reflection of some users of the pressure ball machine equipment in the work of the common failures and to provide some effective solutions for the vast number of old and new users for reference.
1) Non-forming: Equipment such as ore pressure ball machine, coal pressure ball machine and other equipment sometimes appear in the course of the ball is not formed or unshaded problems, leading to the problem is usually due to lack of supply, hydraulic pressure is too small, Roller skin hardening soft, ball and other deformation.
Solution: insufficient supply will be pressure ball machine material can be pressed, so to press ball machine to add enough material; hydraulic pressure is too small will make the material is not fully compressed, can reduce the host speed, increase system pressure; Roller skin Hardening hardness is not high will reduce the molding pressure of the pressure ball machine, roll surface hardening heat treatment or replace the roller skin; ball nest deformation will make the material shape uneven, to be repaired or replaced promptly.
2) do not take off: the material moisture content is too large, the ball pressure is not enough, the new ball socket surface roughness asked
Questions may cause pressure to work without taking off the ball occurred.
Solution: At this time, it is necessary to remove excess moisture in the material, you can use the dryer equipment; increase the work pressure, improve the pressure intensity of equipment such as lime powder pressure ball machine; The surface of the socket is smooth.
3) Ball socket misalignment: The ball socket may be caused by misalignment of the adjusting sleeve bolts or the looseness of the roller shaft and the shaft
Solution: The pressure ball machine can adjust the nest after tightening the bolt, or replace the roller bearings can also be used after welding and re-grinding process, these methods can effectively solve the fluorite pressure ball machine and other equipment ball Wo misplaced fault.
4) The hydraulic pressure can not hit: Bauxite pressure ball machine and other equipment in operation sometimes appear to hit the phenomenon of hydraulic pressure, causing the problem may be due to blockage of the suction port, junction gasket deformation.
Solution: Suction port blocked, then timely cleaning, to ensure the pressure ball machine equipment cleaning process
Degree; deformation of the gasket can be replaced with a new gasket has been deformed washer, so you can ensure the pressure ball machine equipment, the normal operation and effective work.
Pulverized coal pressure ball machine is a powder material pressed into the ball equipment, mainly for coal, slime, coal, coke, coking coal and metallurgical powder cold pellets, refractory materials. Any powdery material, need to be on the stove are required pressure ball machine to complete.