If you have charcoal materials, how do you convert this charcoal powders into briquettes as fuel. You can study our technical processing and consider whether it is suitable for you. The processes are as follows:

1.Carbonization furnace: It is lifting type furnace. The process is like this, first, we put the coconut shells into the first inner port, and put the inner port into the furnace, then we burn the furnace, after 8 hours, we can lift the first inner port outside of the furnace, and let them cool under the ground, at the same time, we feed the second inner port with coconut shells full, and put the second inner port into the furnace. Now we can start to feed the third the inner port for backup. That means the three inner ports can work simultaneously. After cooling, we can get the coconut shell charcoal.

Características: this type carbonization furnace can use more inner ports to increase the working efficiency and the capacity is higher than other common carbonization furnace.

2.Conveyor-1: This is the belt conveyor. From the first process—carbonizing process, we can coconut shell charcoal, then we can use the belt conveyor to transport the charcoals to the next stage.

3.Bin of crusher: Here we use the bin for storing the coconut shell charcoals, so that it can guarantee the enough charcoal can be fed into the crushing machine.

4.Crusher: This crusher is the special crushing equipment for crushing coconut shell charcoals. Inside the crusher, there are teeth blades, which can mill the coconut shell charcoals into powder shape for briquetting.

5.Conveyor-2: After we get charcoal powders from the crushing machine, we use the second belt conveyor to transport the charcoal powders to the next stage.

6.Mixing machine: This mixing machine is also called wheel mixer, it has the function of mixing and milling. So it not only can mix the charcoal powders with binder properly, it also can increase the density of charcoal powders. This mixing machine is very ideal and special for charcoal production field.

7.Liquid binder mixer: This liquid binder mixer is used for making liquid binder for charcoal processing. Some users will need the liquid binder, so it can put the dry powders and water into the mixer, and the shaft inside the mixer can rotate evenly and users can get good even liquid binder. The liquid binder will flow into the wheel mixer and mix with the charcoal again. This liquid binder is usually set beside the wheel mixer.

8.Conveyor-3: This conveyor is used to transport the well-mixed charcoal powders into the next stage—bin of briquette machine.

9.Bin of briquette machine: it is used to storing the mixed charcoal powders for feeding to the briquette machine.

10.Briquette machine: It is the main process in the whole line, when we get the crushed well-mixed charcoal powders, we can use the briquette machine to press them into briquettes. This briquette machine is roller type, the pressure is squeezing pressure type. The finished charcoal briquettes shape and size depends on the mould of the briquette machine. So 40MM pillow shape briquettes is available according to your request.

11.Electric cabinet: The electric cabinet has the function of controling all the electric motors and electric parts involed all the machines in the line systematically, it is convenient and helpful while the users operate the whole line.