Best price 500kg/h charcoal bars briquette machine for BBQ

This charcoal bars briquette machine belongs to extruding pressure type. It also named as charcoal briquette extruder, which is mainly used for compressing charcoal, coal etc. powder into solid briquettes. The finished briquettes can be used for BBQ or other purpose. Our machine is matched with automatic cutter, which can ensure customer to get uniform charcoal briquettes. 

Raw material condition:

* Moisture content should be between 15~20%

* Diameter size should be less than 3mm

* Binder is necessary 

Detailed specifications

Model: HSLX-140

Power: 7.5/11 kw

Charcoal capacity: 400~500 kg/h

Coal capacity: 800~1000 kg/h

Gearbox model: ZQ-350

Briquette shape: Cylinder, cross section is customizable

Weight: 1 ton

Packing size: 1.9*1.1*1.2 m 

Picture show

Charcoal bars briquette machine

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