Due to the environment-protection issue, more and more countries issued some policy to

protect their environment. Our Tchad customers from Africa visited us for charcoal

briquette production line, after discussion, we knew that they needed one production

line which can convert the malt lees residues into charcoal, and then press the charcoal

into briquettes as BBQ use. 

According to this information, we made the proposal like this, the first process is to

carbonize the malt lees into charcoal, the second process is to briquette the charcoal

powdes into ball shape briquettes. 

The whole production line includes: carbonbization furnace, crusher, mixer, briquette

press, conveyors, feeder, bin, electric cabinet, etc. The production line picture is as



For the charcoal briquette production line, it also can process other materials, like corn

stalks, rice husks, cotten straws, any kinds of biomass materials. If you want to know

more details, please send us email or call us without hesitation. 

Email: epbriquetting@gmail.com   Tel:+86-13592528737