We designed 30 tons/h turnkey briquette line for processing bauxite residues for our Europe customer, according to customer's requirements on briquettes strength and size, the whole machines in this briquette line are as follows:automatic weighing system, mixer, double shaft mixer, binder mixer, liquid binder mixer, electric cabinet and powerful ball briquette press with hydraulic station and screw feeding system. Please look at the details of this bauxite residues briquette line:

  1. Automatic weighing system --- The function of this system is to feed the bauxite residue materials and dry binders with certain percentage continuously and evenly. Here there are two different hoppers, the big hopper is for holding bauxite residues, there is a electro vibrating feeder in the discharging port under the big hopper. It control the flow rate of bauxite residues. The small hopper is for holding dry binders, under it there is a electronic scale(weigher) for controlling the ratio of dry binders.  and the other is for dry binders. There is also one electric weigh which can meansure the accurate amount we require.
  2. Belt conveyor 10 M --- This belt conveyor is used to transport the bauxite residues and dry biners with fix ratio to the next step—Double shaft Mixer.
  3. Lquid Binder Mixers – The Liquid Binder Mixer is used to prepare the liquid binder, and the liquid binder is going to mix with the materials (bauxite residues) and dry binding materials in the next process – Double Shaft Mixer
  4. Double shaft mixers --- The double shaft mixers is a very important equipment to make the three kinds of materials mixed very well, including the bauxite residue, dry binders and liquid binders. After mixing by this mixer, the well mixed materials will be sent to the next step.
  5. Belt conveyor 10 M --- This belt conveyor is for transporting the well mixed materials into the briquette press.
  6. Briquette press --- The briquette press is the key equipment in this line, the bauxite residues will by formed by the two squeezing Rollers of the machine and the final briquettes have high strength and high density. The briquette press design and configuration will be made according to bauxite residue features, finished briquettes shape/size and strength and finished briquettes final usage.
  7. Belt conveyor 8 M --- This belt conveyor is used to conveying the finished briquettes to storage place for selling.
  8. Belt conveyor 8M --- The last belt conveyor is to transport a few unpressed materials from the briquette press to the double shaft mixer back again. So that through double shaft mixer, these materials can be mixed and convoyed to the briquette press one more time for recycling use.