Honeycomb coal briquette press is also called coal honeycomb forming machine, punch type coal briquette equipment. Originally, honeycomb coal briquette press was mainly used in civil coal filed for cookiing instead of firewood and coal powders, but nowadays, it has been widely used in many kinds of industry fields, like energy field, BBQ and metallurgy field. The finished coal briquettes are with high strength and high heating value, and can be transported to any place easily.

Structure & working principle

It consists of five parts, body frame, transmission part, feeding part, punching system and conveying part. All the parts work coordinated and stably. The motor gives the power to drive the pulley, and make the main shaft to run, the main shaft drives the crankshaft to make crossbeam goes up and lift the mould out, the moving plate starts to turn around and the coal powders are fed into the holes, and the crossbeam goes down to make the mould needles to punch the coal powders into briquettes.  


Low noise, stable performance, new design, reasonal sructure, low electricity consumption, accurate positioning, simple operation and maintenance. 

The shape and size can be customerized according to customers' use, the mould of the coal briquette press can be changeable.
For civill cooking use, the finished coal briquettes shapes are round and square shape. The size is 90mm, 100mm, 120mm, 140mm, 180mm, 220mm and 260 mm.
For industry use, the finished coal briquettes shapes are round sylinder shape, triangle shape. The size is 40mm, 50mm, 60mm and 80mm.
For BBQ use, it is hexagonal/round cylinder shape.  The size is 30mm, 40mm and 50mm. 


Specifications & Models

Model             Power             Capacity             Briquette size             Briquette height             Pressure             Briquette QTY             Holes             Dimension             Weight            
HSMQ120             7.5kw             3t/h             125mm             70-80mm             200KN             50pcs/min             12             1.2*1.2*1.77m             1800kg            
HSMQ140-1             7.5kw             3t/h             140mm(round)        120mm(square)             70-80mm             300KN             50pcs/min             12             1.2*1.3*1.9m             1600kg            
HSMQ140-2             7.5kw             4t/h             140mm(round)             80-90mm             300KN             50pcs/min             12、16             1.2*1.3*1.9m             2200kg            
HSMQ160-1             7.5kw             5t/h             160mm(round)        
80-85mm             400KN             50pcs/min             16、17、19、20             1.3*1.4*2.02m             1900kg            
HSMQ160-2             7.5kw             5t/h             160mm(round)        
80-90mm             400KN             50pcs/min             16、17、19、20             1.3*1.4*2.02m             2500kg            
HSMQ220             15kw             6t/h             180-220mm(round)  
80-90mm             460KN             25pcs/min             19、35             2.5*1.7*2.1m             3600kg            
HSMQ260             11kw             9t/h             240-260mm(round)             85-100mm             560KN             25pcs/min             25、35、40             1.5*1.5*2.17m             4000kg            

Wearing parts: punching needles, guidng rod, moving plate and bottom core.
Please pay more attention to add the libricating oil and gear oil to the machine.

Service: We can design the whole honeycomb briquette production line according to customers' budget and production place, welcome customers to visit and inquire us.