With the development of society and economy, smog and air pollution have become hot topic these years, and everyone can feel the environment deterioration.The extensive use of coal in the world is one of the important causes of air pollution, and a growing number of countries have fully realized this. Therefore, many people and governments have started to promote and use clean coal energy. Coal briquetting technology is one of the main methods to solve the cleaning of civil coal.

We know the roller briquette machine is also called coal pressure ball machine, it is used to make briquettes in industry. Some customers have many common problems in briquetting production, many of which are due to improper operation caused by the impact of production efficiency issues, in this Kay is recommended users to buy pressure ball machine equipment at the same time, to its technology Principle, the use of technology and methods of operation have a certain understanding, so that the same investment to make the equipment longer life expectancy, higher efficiency, higher profits return.

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Coal briquette machine is used to compact and shape the coal particles/dust/breeze into required 30-50mm ball briquettes, which are easily loaded and stored. The core part of coal briquette machine is the forming rollers, here we give you solutions of how to demould the coal dust from the rollers.

Nowadays, briquetting technology of forming powder materials into defined shape and size briquettes is widely used in many aspects, coal, charcoal, mineral ore dust, fly ash, aluminium dross, iron dust, etc. 

Here I want to introduce our large model briquetting press for coal/coke materials. This machine is equipped with special-designed reducer, which can supply large strength to the machine, and the motor is 6 pole.