Charcoal briquette production line

If you have charcoal materials, how do you convert this charcoal powders into briquettes as fuel. You can study our technical processing and consider whether it is suitable for you. The processes are as follows:

We designed 30 tons/h turnkey briquette line for processing bauxite residues for our Europe customer, according to customer's requirements on briquettes strength and size, the whole machines in this briquette line are as follows:automatic weighing system, mixer, double shaft mixer, binder mixer, liquid binder mixer, electric cabinet and powerful ball briquette press with hydraulic station and screw feeding system. Please look at the details of this bauxite residues briquette line:

coa/charcoal briquette extruder

Coal/charcoal briquette extruding machine is the traditional briquette equipments for making charcoal and coal briquettes. However, our E.P Machinery solved the cutting problem. Traditionally, when people used this charcoal extruder, they had to cut the finished briquettes manually, but now, please see our newly developed cutting system.

What is Briquette?

briquette (or briquet) is a block of flammable matter used as fuel to start and maintain a fire. Common types of briquettes are charcoal briquettes and biomass briquettes.

Some colleges and universities always inquired us the briquette presses, they need the machine to help the professors for teaching. According to their requirements, we designed the smaller one for their laboratory use, and got good comments from their students and teachers.

For better knowing of our powerful briquette machine working principle, E.P Research Department designed this video to show how our machine is, and clients can know how many parts for this heavy machine, how these parts are assembled together.

In August, 2014, E.P Staff went to Ireland for installing 15T/H coal briquette production plant, the whole installation lasted for 30 days.

In the whole briquette line, it consists of crusher, dryer, mixer, coal briquette press, dosing machine and all the electric parts and sytem. Our engineer and translator worked together with the local workers happily. After we finished all the works, we also gained a lot of experience during the installation, furthermore, our cusotmer gave us some good advice, it is very helpful for our future briuqette production equipment business. We appreciate that very much.