The quality coal briquette extruder plant was exported in USA. It includes process: coal briquette extruder, net belt dryer and belt conveyor.

The aluminium dross powder briquette plant includes process: 

Dosing machine, roll mixer, hydraulic briquette machine with screw force feeder, belt conveyor and screw conveyor.

E.P Machinery has been in briquette-making machinery field for years. We still focus researchment and development on briquette machine. With the social development. The market demand shows trend growth for briquette. So this article was wrote to share how to distinguish the quality Hydraulic pressure briquette machine.

The Ferro oxide dust can be compressed by our roller type briquette production plant, this is the roller type moulded machine to make the block of compressed coal dust, coke dust ,charcoal, and Metal Powder, etc , The machines includes three main parts, feeding part, transmission part and molding part. The Raw Materials will be formed by the two Squeezing Rollers of the machie and the final products have high density and easy to burn, long lasting burning as well.The following information is to introduce the 2500-3000 kg/h briquette production line. 

Fertilizer briquette press

If people want to press the chemical fertilizer powders into ball shape briquettes, such as potassium chlorate, how to choose the briquette press? 

Some customers are confused how is the roller type briquette machine assembled and how it woks? Now our E.P Team has made this flash to show you, you can know why these powder materials are pressed into briquettes? It is not strange, it is reasonable.

For meeting requirements of shisha charcoal briquettes, we designed our new hydraulic type charcoal briquette press, which can make good density charcoal briquettes, the most important is the peroformance of the shisha charcoal briquette press is quite reliable and high-efficient. 

1. Description of hydraulic type shisha charcoal briquette machine

The hydraulic charcoal briquette press is one of E.P patent machine in coal and charcoal further-processing field. Now it is mainly for producing shisha charcoal briquettes, which are wildely used in Arabic countries, South Asia, and so on. The finished charcoal briquettes can be cube shape and round tablet shape, the best popular size is diameter 33 mm, thickness 10 mm of round tablet shape and cube 25 mm, thickness 10mm. This machine is with reliable performance, long service time and safety operation. We have got good reputation from Jordan, Iraq customers.