We call it mesh belt dryer, which is one popular high efficient drying equipment, it
especially can work continuously and evenly. The hot air can be from the hot air stove,
so the hot air stove is the source of hot air, which supply the hot air to the drying body.
In the body of dryer, we adopt the steel net belt to transfer the briquettes with the fixed
speed, the transmission device will drive the steel net belt to move from the first level to
the second level and the third level. During this moving period, the hot air will flow
through the drying body and touch and mix with the briquettes completely, meanwhile,
the steam will be exhausted from the wet vent, thus, the briquettes moisture can become
dry and we get the drying function through the drying machine.

Description: Wheel mixer is one economic type mixing equipment for kinds of powders materials, like charcoal powders, coal powders, mineral powders, metal powders and so on. It has the combined functions of mixing and compressing materials, it can be operated very easily by workers and is quite popular in charcoal mixing production field. Users
can choose the suitable models according to the size of mixing body.

If you plan to make coal solid briquettes with oval shape or some special shapes, just
contact us. This video is to show you how our common pressure briquette machine
HSYQM-500 make special shape and size coal briquettes. The coal briquette size in
the video is 45*45*28mm. 

Our USA customer ordered our mesh belt dryer for drying charcoal briquettes, this dryer has the advantages of continuous dryer, good drying effect and high efficiency, it is the best drying equipment for drying charcoal briquettes with oval shape, cylinder shape. This dryer consists of three layers, the charcoal briquettes can be transfored layer by layer to be dryed completely.

Aluminium ash briquette machine

Aluminium ash is the waste of aluminium industrial. With different technology process. There waste powder with different aluminium content is emerged. The max content can be 80%, min. is 5-20%. If we sell the waste powder in low price. Not only, it has harmful for the environment, but also it will cause resource waste. 

The hydraulic pressure briquette machine with screw force feeder, we also call it high pressure briquette machine. It is the machine which can provide largest pressure in all of our briquette machine catalog. 

The quality coal briquette extruder plant was exported in USA. It includes process: coal briquette extruder, net belt dryer and belt conveyor.

The aluminium dross powder briquette plant includes process: 

Dosing machine, roll mixer, hydraulic briquette machine with screw force feeder, belt conveyor and screw conveyor.