E.P Machinery Sales of coal briquette machines, mineral briquette equipments, aluminium briquette production plants, kinds of briquetting line.

High pressure double axle drive gypsum briquette machine

Double axle drive gypsum briquette machine is our latest production machine. It has double drive shafts, which is different with ordinary briquette machine - a drive shaft and a driven shaft. Its pressure is much higher than ordinary briquette machine, mainly used to compress difficult raw materials, such as gypsum etc. 

Aluminium ash briquette machine

Aluminium ash is the waste of aluminium industrial. With different technology process. There waste powder with different aluminium content is emerged. The max content can be 80%, min. is 5-20%. If we sell the waste powder in low price. Not only, it has harmful for the environment, but also it will cause resource waste.